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There was a big motivational seminar in my city today with numerous speakers who were there to address, from what I’ve heard, over 20,000 people! The speakers were men and women both, high caliber motivational experts from a variety of business fields. Big names whom I will not mention because they are well-known and need no recognition from this quarter.
Driven today by a need to compete in the world for a piece of personal achievement in business in some field or another, people are more pressed than ever to personal productivity and high-energy motivation. Children today are pressed by their peers and families to decide what they want to be when they “grow up” as young as the 9th grade- and, in some parts of society, even earlier!

At the age of 7, I told my grandmother that when I grew up I wanted to be a preacher. I knew at that young age that I felt a deep inner desire to teach others of spiritual development and a love for all things religious! I loved God and Jesus- I just knew I would be a preacher. But the years weather away and chip at that first dream for one reason or another- and other dreams replace them.

At the age of 11, going on 12, at a family gathering, the boys in the family were asked by fathers and uncles what they wanted to do with their lives and listed them in a personalised diary. When my time came to tell everyone, I very unashamedly told everyone I wanted to be a poet and a singer like Elvis Presley! It was then the 4th of July, 1960.

My father took great personal offense at my audacity to dream such things- and in front of everyone, told me that I would never amount to anything. That I was a daydreamer and would never be more. That I should just think about being a mailcarrier like himself.

How many hearts are quelled with fear and disturbance of that kind, and brought to submission or at least censorship because someone does not believe you can do what you want, that you can make your dreams come true, that you can actually achieve what your mind can conceive?

Personal productivity is so often quashed by unkindness, by the rough censor of an older family member. Motivation is so often killed by personal attack on the character of another. Or perhaps that motivation and productivity is stifled by someone who hopes to force new motivation, or a new change in direction by introducing some other idea or thinking.

The fact is that personal productivity is developed internally by what we are fed as children. Not food- but the meat of higher thinking- or the lack thereof. Motivation is different in every individual- and developed with careful direction and encouragement, from good family influences- or the influences of other well-meaning adults. The desires for a life of productivity, achievement and success can be nurtured from a young age- or not. Changes to our minds come in many forms, and most often should be internal, toward uplifting directions. Sometimes, though, these changes are physically and brutally forced upon us because our dreams are thought to be foolish and out-of-line with the normal family identity.

Do you want your children to grow up with healthy self-esteem and desires to get ahead in life on their terms, according to their dreams? Or do you plan to change the mind of your young ones because what they want disappoints you?

Did you grow up with disappointment because you were always censored and told you were maybe foolish, a dreamer and couldn’t possibly know what you want to do with your own life?

We live in a country where the freedom to do what we wish with our lives has been tampered with through the passage of time, by family leadership which was never encouraging nor helpful to personal growth. Thankfully, there has been a sufficient number of people who pressed on, despite all odds, personal or whatever, to lead this country to greatness, a nation among nations, leading the world to do more, and create amp; inspire millions!

People everywhere are breaking out of the chains that have held them back, and are finding that the will to achieve, that the will to personal productivity and greater motivation is something they can produce from within.

For those whom are needing encouragement and looking for it outside their families, rise to the occasion and ability to see beyond, to find hope and strength. Family doesn’t always provide hope, optimism and encouragement. Personal productivity and motivation sometimes needs to find its inspirations from sources other than the family unit.

Thankfully it is so! After all, this is America!

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