Startling facts about American Society and Culture

Startling facts about American Society and Culture

America has always been one of those countries everyone dreamed of going. It was known as the land of opportunities. Americans are very friendly, and they have one of the most diverse cultures in the world. The culture of United States is influenced by the British, Latin Americans, Asian, Africans, Europeans etc.

Startling facts about American Society and Culture

The following are some of the facts about American society and culture:

Americans are one of the most wasteful people on the Earth:

It is said that each American throw about two kilograms of waste every single day. A total amount of 635 million kilograms get wasted in a day. But it is quite amazing how America generates less municipal waste when compared to other countries. They have brilliant waste management techniques.

To-go Containers:

Americans are always on the run. People are constantly running errands, getting from one appointment to another and they are regularly on the move. As most of them are on the move, they do not have time to sit down and have a proper meal. Thus, you will be able to see many Americans walking with food or beverages in their hands. You will be able to find so many drive-through restaurants that serve food in to-go containers as many Americans do not have to time to sit down and have a meal.

Small talk:

Americans are one of the friendliest people in the world. They love engaging themselves with small talk, and they can start a conversation with anyone. The small talk is usually about non-controversial topics such as sports, weather, television shows, movies etc. If you happen to wait in line in the bus stop or at a store or in an elevator, do not be startled if someone comes up to you and starts talking to you about the weather or the game that happened last night. Americans are also very helpful; they would not think to give a hand to a stranger who needs help. For example, if you fall while skating or running, you will find many people offering you a hand to get back on your feet.

Melting point:

You will be able to find people from different culture and religion in the country. What makes the country an interesting place is that there is no such thing as a typical American. The customs and other practice vary from family to family.

Americans are very independent:

Americans are highly self-sufficient, and they learn to stay independent at a young age. You will be able to see that most of the American teenagers move away from their homes after graduation. They start to do their laundry, cooking, shopping and even pay their college fees on their own.

Official Language:

Most of us would be surprised to hear that there is no official language according to the U.S government. You will be able to find people talking in many languages. Some of the common languages spoken are English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German.

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